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Saving Little Wonder



Saving Little Wonder

Part 1, Rough Cut

THIS is how you can save the world. A group of feral hippies and environmentalists bands together with members of an indigenous Aboriginal tribe to try and save one of the last fragments of Australian rainforest (filled with rare, endangered and unclassified species of animals) from destruction.

This is most of a rough cut documentary detailing their true story, rushed to your screen from the lost archives of Australia’s forest wars – because these unique forests are under threat again after the recent elections of rapacious, destructive governments bent on burning the world’s heritage in power stations.

Language (and lifestyle) warning.

A document by R. Ayana (Part 2 coming sooner)


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The Men Who Stare At Scapegoats *

The Men Who Stare At Scapegoats
The Hidden Hand is Quicker Than
the Eye



One day we all grow wise or weary enough to see the world as it is, and begin to understand that there are apparently insurmountable obstacles facing humankind. The faint of heart can be easily discouraged by the plethora of problems that fill our daily mindscapes, or simply look for someone to blame. It’s easy to fool ourselves into believing the cause is an easily identifiable elitist group somewhere ‘out there’, who wish the rest of us grievous harm.


To be sure, there are a number of groups and organisations that may fit this description – particularly religious organisations who preach that if you’re not part of their flock you’re an accursed heretic or wicked infidel, along with just about every large corporation – but they’re all engaged in an eternal competition for power. They all undermine each other. None reign supreme. The competitive compulsion to dominate and control is killing the world.


Why is your food toxic and genetically ‘modified’? Why is your air and drinking water radioactive? Why is the planet poisoned and poised on the brink of starvation? Why does everything cost so much? Why was the world you grew up in so much better than today’s?

Because of greed and competitiveness. Because almost everyone competes with each other to keep the old broke and broken system going, wasting most of their precious time and energy to feed the beastly status quo – helping banksters, warmongers and control freaks to vainly imagine they’re rich and powerful at the expense of everyone and everything else.

Because most people have been trained to fritter the best years of their lives away in mindless labour, consume poisonous concoctions instead of real living food, buy endless amounts of useless crap, compete with incompetents for no real reward, and reproduce all their problems through another generation – doing nothing but struggling and working to keep a barred, screened box between them and the world, barracking for cheating sports teams and corrupt political parties until they die, painfully, miserably and at great expense.

Is that a life? Is that what you really want to do?

Why do you have to pay imaginary ‘money’ to someone else to live on the planet? Most people incomprehensibly pay ‘rent’, ‘mortgages’ and quasi-government taxes to live on the Earth. They keep paying for buildings and infrastructure their grandparents have already built (that require very little to maintain compared with the amount shelled out) – along with fees and taxes (which mainly go to the ‘interest’ of banksters) and for utilities that were built by our parents and then sold off to front companies of wealthy individuals by well bribed politicians.

Inflation eats all your savings and taxes consume all your property unless you’re rich enough to beat the game. Who in their right mind would work to support such a system?


But is there a real, actual, identifiable group or person who’s responsible for all our troubles? There is – and they’re very familiar.
Buried in Crap
Don’t be fossil fooled. It’s tempting to believe that our climate, water and food supplies are being destroyed because Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Nuke and Big Fartgas won’t allow you to have clean transport or energy systems. After all, neonazi neoconmen fronted by the likes of Cheneys, Blairs, Obamas, Putins and Bushes obviously suppress unfortunate truths and alternative technologies. Corporations and their puppet politicians bribe, blackmail and kill the inventors of alternative technologies, start wars to win elections and steal other  people’s resources, rake in trillions from people’s ignorance, lie to you with impunity through their pet media outlets and effectively stunt, maim and kill your babies with poisons prescribed by their medicos.

But the real culprits are you, your friends and your family.

Sure – psychotic, racist, militant industrialist maggots with megalomania complexes rule the roost. They do everything they can to stay on top of the heap and put rivals down whenever possible. They pollute the planet with profitable poisons, defecating on everyone below like the topmost monkey in a tree-bound primate hierarchy. And all the while miseducated dolts do their work for them, while denying that climate change is happening – failing to understand that their widescreen TV and fume-spewing car are killing the world – because half the population is always below average in every respect, and most of the rest can’t keep their eyes on the prize. Almost all succumb to the mindless treadmill of wage slavery, feeding the beastly reality of their own demise with every waking hour.

Denial of personal responsibility is a hallmark of a childish mind, not of innocence. Some ignoramuses even believe themselves to be maverick free thinkers because they reckon they know who to blame for all the ills of the world – a small group of evil-minded creatures who lurk in the shadows, a secret society of puppeteers who manipulate the world by remote control. In some respects this is doubtless the case, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The invisible majority of the iceberg is made up of you and the people you know – the far from blameless 999% who do most of the destroying and polluting with the ultimate power to purchase crap.

Those who claim that CO2 exists in such small quantities in the atmosphere that it can’t possibly be a planet-warming ‘greenhouse gas’ are entirely mistaken. It is, and ignorance isn’t bliss. Carbon dioxide resonates in infrared frequencies and therefore relatively low levels have huge effects – even at less than one part in a thousand. Our toxic industries have doubled the level of CO2 in our air in just a couple of centuries.

How can anyone believe that doubling the level of a potent gas in the closed system of our biosphere will do nothing at all? Fossil fool deniers remain curiously silent when confronted with the undeniable acidification (and death) of the planet’s oceans, which is directly due to unprecedentedly rapid increases in CO2 levels. 
It seems easier for rusted-on republicans who love gas guzzling vehicles produced by rapacious oil barons to look for someone else to
blame than  to study data, use alternative vehicles or do anything at all to ease the atrocious burden they place on the planet – easier to call their superannuated nemesis Al Gore a liar every time it snows.

When confronted with inconvenient truths they attempt to claim that any increase in carbon dioxide (or methane) is from natural sources, entirely ignoring the fact that we can determine most of the increase is anthropogenic (created by humans) using easily understood and verifiable means, including isotope analysis. And CO2 isn’t the only ‘greenhouse gas’.

It isn’t even the most potent warming gas our smokestacks, exhausts and drains have been jettisoning into the world, or released from melting permafrost by global warming.

We haven’t even stopped pumping out gases known to destroy the ozone layer into the atmosphere, despite the much vaunted Montreal Protocol forced on corporations a generation ago. Is it any wonder the ‘ozone holes’ are still spreading from the poles, burning our life forms with cancerous ultraviolet rays? And is it any surprise that you don’t even hear about the ‘ozone hole’ anymore, while ads for poisonous carcinogenic chemical ‘sunscreens’ fill the airwaves? Slipshod slaps in the face – that’s all you get from governments and corporations who exploit the ultrashort memories and easily distracted pinpoint imaginations of Mr and Mrs Average.

Another popular lie consists of the notion that the Sun is heating up and that that’s the sole cause of global warming. It isn’t, and it isn’t. Some cite the fact that many planets in the solar system are undergoing radical energetic changes never before witnessed by humankind, claiming this is a sign of general warming in our solar environment – but we have barely begun to see the solar system clearly enough to notice these details. It’s quite probable that the solar system is a far more dynamic place than we have been led to believe by outdated perceptions and conceptions.
Many commentators have developed the habit of claiming that H.A.A.R.P. technology (like the Alaska-based ionosphere heating system, similar to other dangerous international projects) is responsible for every weather catastrophe, earthquake and tidal wave to afflict populous areas in the last decade. It’s easy for most to ignore the fact that all these increasing effects were being felt well before the advent of this technology.
The climate catastrophes we’re witnessing were all predicted by science a generation ago. Their cause is well known – injection of excess energy into our biosphere via byproducts of human technologies. Yet climate change denialists misuse H.A.A.R.P. – a potentially dangerous technology still primarily undergoing test phases – to explain just about every negative and radical change occurring in the ecosystem. Many claim it’s a tool for economic warfare. Some even claim it’s used to attack its country of origin; yet obviously, if this technology is everything it’s cracked up to be then local effects would more likely be caused by foreign installations, rather than being domestic terror events or depopulation strategies by clandestine ‘shadow government’ operators.

H.A.A.R.P.’s effect is truly insignificant compared with known problems caused by the vast range of pollutants we’ve filthied our nest with – pollution which more than adequately explains global heating and local cooling effects, and the increase in destructive earthquake activity and concomitant tsunamis (due largely to crustal displacement caused by already increasing sea levels). We’ve been warned about these outcomes of global pollution by environmentalists and other scientists since at least the 1970s. They’re no surprise to the wise.

Similar weather modification claims are regularly made about the widely disputed chemtrail program which, if it exists at all on any scale, seems to mainly affect the USA. Some Americans scan the skies, amazed at the overarching grid patterns laid out in the heavens above and  proclaim them to be akin to a vast insecticide program aimed at human beings.

What they fail to consider is that these grid patterns are standard flight and holding patterns for the incredible number of daily flights
going on over their heads. Older people who claim ‘the sky didn’t look like that when I was a kid’ have no idea how radically the number of aircraft flights has increased in their brief time on Earth, particularly over and around urban areas. They forget how long the sky has been filled with noxious gases from industrial smokestacks and their own vehicles. The amount of conventional crap spewed from aircraft engines is never considered.
Airplane fuel is no less polluting than the liquid garbage people pump through their car’s fuel tank. Toxic fuel, filled with a raft of attendant poisons like benzene and the seeds of sulphuric acid pour onto their heads and into their food and water continuously. Those who think they’re witnessing evidence of a new phenomenon fail to realise that most of those contrail exhaust patterns are actually evidence of standard human technology’s ongoing assault on an overloaded planet – a planet whose systems can no longer keep the air clean and the sky blue after centuries of nonstop human abuse.
‘Chemtrails’ are a handy screen for covering up the amazing amount of industrial toxins that have polluted soils and water supplies for many
generations. High levels of aluminium, barium, strontium and other noxious substances – often misidentified as evidence of chemtrails – have been pouring from the chimney stacks of power stations, aluminium (and other) smelters and toxic industries of all kinds for decades, and raining on everyone and everything downwind. It’s easier for many to imagine that airline companies are adding engine-damaging heavy metals to their aircraft fuel – an absurd impossibility that would result in massive aircraft failures– than to face a truth they’ve been ignoring since at least the 1960s.

After all, many, many Mr and Mrs Averages earn an unliving via toxic factories, farms and mines.

Meanwhile real, present, extraordinarily dangerous threats to human survival, like nuclear power and ‘disposing’ of mountains of nuclear waste
by shooting it at ‘enemies’ in uranium-laced weapons are virtually ignored.

Chemtrails and HAARP, while real, are currently very minor influences – the real culprit is YOU. Humans are wrecking the planet and its climate, but not with little experimental toys like these – yet. HAARP, chemtrails and other weather ‘modification’ technologies are still experimental and very limited in scope. We have destroyed our climate by polluting the planet with chemicals, fumes and ‘wastes’. Our putrid deathstyles are the cause; almost are of us are responsible.

The dangerously high mercury levels in the world’s oceans (and fish) are directly caused by the fumes from coal burning power stations. We
all know why most Pacific sea life is now too radioactive to eat. Aluminium smelters are notoriously toxic. Nuclear power plants leak like sieves. Where do you suppose all the ‘waste’ that results from your plastic furniture, carpets, clothes, cosmetics, cars and toys goes to? Who buys and eats ‘foods’ laced with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other patented killers of life? Why do you think cancer rates quadrupled in two generations – long before the effects of FukUshima were ever felt?

It’s tempting to blame industrialists and the usual band of moneygrubbing corporate suspects for all this pollution. But the truth is that just about everyone who lives in a city or is connected to the electric grid is directly responsible for their own demise. The occasional effects of technologies like HAARP and chemtrails are miniscule compared with the ongoing damage ‘normal’ human lifestyles wield every day.

It’s hardly surprising that climate change deniers use furphies like HAARP, chemtrails and dubious claims of solar changes to cover their guilt. But don’t buy their bullshit or spread it around for them for free. Climate catastrophe is real. Wake up and smell the shit in your air. Greed is ignorance. There’s almost no baby left in the filthy bathwater of today’s human civilisation and it’s time to radically clean that bathwater; there’s nowhere and no way to simply throw it out in a sealed biosphere.

Welcome to the self-enclosed life support system of Planet Earth. How many things in the room you currently inhabit are ‘natural’? How many are truly safe? What are your rugs, carpets and furnishings made from? How about your bed and pillow? You’ve almost certainly already poisoned yourself. It’s time for a radical detox.

Hippies, native people and ecologists have been warning of all these outcomes for generations now. It’s time to realise they were right all along, and to know that anyone who takes an active part in the economy of their nation – or simply flushes their toilet or drains into a river or ocean, or turns on a light switch connected to a coal or nuclear burning power station, or buys just about anything that’s for sale – is directly responsible for their own poisoning and the destruction of their children’s future.

Your bloodstream can only be as pure as your environment, and vice versa. Embrace the long-neglected loving logic of outcast hippies and native people. Treat the earth as a mother, and love her! Treat your body as your lover, and love yourself!

The messenger often gets the blame for an inconvenient truth. The meanings of these two phrases need to be learned by every child (and adulterated adult child) alive today: ‘The Precautionary Principle’ – whereby you don’t do something if you don’t know if it will be dangerous or damaging – and ‘Cui Bono?’ (‘Who profits?’). They’re the simple, obvious keys to understanding where true responsibility lies – and how the truly responsible lie, and die.

We must free ourselves from mental slavery.
Oily Zionist Propaganda Wars


What is ‘Zion’? It’s merely a big, imaginary city, a fantasy vision from a Bronze Age mushroom head, just as fictitious as the underground metropolis of the Matrix trilogy.For some, it refers to the long lost, quasi-mythical land of ancient Israel.But almost every time you see ‘Zionists’ blamed for anything you can be fairly sure you’re reading propaganda produced by zealous oilfield sultanates and  potentates (originally created by Britain to divide and conquer the Arab and Persian worlds)- propaganda spread far and wide by unwitting dupes and gormless racists.

The vast wealth of Arab and Persian oil nations is funnelled into anti-Israeli propaganda at every possible opportunity. Their tiny corners of the world are all that really matters to these myopic tribes. It takes up most of their attention. Isn’treal is a tiny postage stamp of a country. It barely impinges on the wider world, but is a massive eyesore and insult to the world of Islime.

Arab countries see the 1948 invasion of Palestine as one of the most significant events in world history, and for all the wrong reasons. To power mongers locked into the ‘Great Game’ of world domination they’re merely throwbacks standing in the path of industrial plans. Isn’treal is simply a beachhead for Western Powers in the Middle Eastern oil fields. When the oil runs out, so will Western support, and Isn’treal and Saudi Arabia will be allowed – or made – to disappear in puffs of bloodstained dust.

That running sore, the nation of Isn’treal, certainly is a colonialist imposition – foisted on the Arab world by Britain and the US, just like most modern Arabian satrapies. It was created to gain a foothold near Middle East oilfields and the Suez Canal at the dawn of the phony Cold War. The refugee tribes of desperate Israelis certainly have morphed into a Nazi-like regime of racist warmongers. Maybe that’s what comes from being persecuted to within an inch of your lives for centuries, and from being connived into a place where you’re surrounded by people who loudly proclaim they want you dead. Dreams engendered by their outdated, sexist, elitist, racist, slave driving Bronze Age  religion have been very effectively used against them and everyone else.

Yet despite denials by those who abhor and decry the Israeli propensity for violently aggressive survivalism, ‘Zionist’ is simply a code word for ‘Filthy Jew’ to most. The term provides a handy shield for the same old racist antisemites whose ancestors murdered the so-called ‘chosen people’ in massacres and genocidal pogroms for thousands of years. And not just Jews. Christians and Moslems have been slaughtering each other and everyone else in their way for more than a thousand years.

In fact the vast majority of Zionists are followers of Christinanity. Christinanity is an inherently Zionist religion, proclaiming the need to retake the ‘holy land’ so an imaginary long-dead zombie messiah can arise from the grave in Solomon’s rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem (see The King of the World). Absurd, isn’t it? And yet filthy rich, corrupt, thieving, gold-plated, silk-wearing, child molesting priests of this stupid, putrid death cult are still allowed to spread lies and commit fraud with impunity, tax free, in the ‘modern’ world of the Third Millennium Anno Domini! 


The real Zionists – mostly followers of fundamentalist sects of Christinanity in the USA (recreating the nation of Israel is actually prohibited under traditional Jewish religious lore, a fact conveniently ignored by most Israeli ‘Jews’) – make handy dupes and willing propagandists for the industrialists and oil barons who really run the show.

Stupid religious fables suit the purposes of plutocrats who care nothing for the crap vomited out by churches, temples, synagogues and mosques. They know where their real truth of material wealth that spans immortal ages lies – in oil and minerals, factories and farms, workers and taxes. They’ve used various religions to blind and bind their landlocked wage serfs since Adam was a lad.

Most people fail to realise there are only around twenty million Jehovah-bedamned Jews in the entire world. There are around a BILLION followers of Islime, a BILLION Cathoholics, a BILLION other Christians, a BILLION Chinese and at least half a billion each of Hindus and Buddhists. Those who claim Jews run the world must have very low regard for their own people, or they must believe Jews are something more than human. 



The Catholic Jesuit (NOT Jewish) Rothschild banking dynasty and all their egregious bankster associates have taken advantage of the stupidity of others to make money for centuries, but that particular Vatican-dominated ‘Court Jew’ banking cartel controls only a fraction of the world’s REAL wealth.

Ever hear of the House of Saud? How about all the other oil-rich Gulf nations? Do you think they entrust their wealth to their adversaries? What about the Chinese and Indians? What about Switzerland? How about Russia and Korea? Or the Vatican? It’s easier to blame the Jews for the crimes of all banksters than to recognise that the biggest Western banksters are members of a secretive cult of Jesuits, or that Jews probably only control about 10% of the world’s real wealth and monetary illusions.

Many claim the Vatican is the ultimate culprit, but like all gangster front organisations such as other governments, monarchies and banking corporations, the unholy Roman megacult is ruled by individual nonbelieving gangsters – rich, greedy, cynical fat cat men and women with names and addresses and an incredible amount to hide.

Do you think the Jesuit Rothschilds control or ‘own’ China or Russia or the Vatican trillions? Think again. They may own lots of money – but money doesn’t exist. It’s crappy pottage made for peons and taxable wage slaves. The real owners don’t use the stuff. It’s a distracting fable that helps hide the sources and repositories of true wealth. Knowledge isn’t power. Money isn’t power. Power is power, and the primary power of true ownership is the power to kill competitors and enforce dominance.

The real ‘owners’ are dynastic and monarchic in dust realists with legions of partisan followers who allow neuvo riche banksters and other apparent rivals to exist – it’s not the other way around, as many presume. Old Money still rules, because it has little to do with money and everything to do with real, vital resources. The banksters are a handy foil and shield for inbred, neotonous, nepotistic families that have been trained for millennia to believe they’re born to rule everyone else.

Most of the worst are supposed Catholics or WASPS; nonbelieving, domineering materialists who merely pretend to be Christians. They are racist, predatory, self-styled kings and queens, dukes and earls, barons and knights – warmongers in sheep’s clothing to whom the
supremacy of bloodline is all that matters. They want everyone to believe that Jesus was their great-great grandfather so they have the ‘right’ to dominate all mere mortals.

And of course there are similar ‘divine’ aristocracies in most Eastern nations that hold superstitious, well-entrained people in servile salaryman thraldom, promoting mandatory belief in their fraudulent supernatural links – lineages descending from some primeval tribal god or goddess, or a bloodthirsty national bully. Today’s banking system simply suits their purposes as well as yesterday’s methods of command and control.

Only dynasties have a chance of maintaining the same territorial holdings and ongoing plans over many generations. Only dynasties and the cults they sponsor have the wherewithal to control and edit human history over many millennia. Only the victors get to write history and to control perceptions of reality on a daily basis.

It suits the purposes of the REAL global power mongers for people to believe that the Israelis are behind every calumny in the whole wide world – that they run the US and Britain and that the tail wags the dog. It’s a farcical perspective engendered by purblind Middle Eastern nations, spread far and wide by (other) racists and encouraged by Western countries to misdirect blame and assuage their own guilt.

Judaism is as inherently racist as, say, the Japanese nation and many others. In fact, virtually everyone who identifies with a particular ‘race’ is usually inherently racist. But the crazy tenets of all religions spawned by the followers of that Bronze Age Babylonian child molester Abraham are the prime excuses for humans to hate each other and to destroy the ecosystem – because this real, live,
beautiful world just doesn’t matter to idiots who believe that Planet Earth can never be as good as some imaginary future afterlife. True Believers can’t accept the gift of the present. Masterfully trained to ultimately hate themselves and despise their existence, they only dream of pie in the sky.

All the Abrahamic sects are death cults. Followers of Christinanity, Moronism, Islime and heebie-jeebie-believing Jews are death worshipping fantasists who couldn’t live in the NOW if you rubbed their noses in it. They love an imaginary big brother in the clouds more than life– and consciousness – itself. Everything they touch turns to shit and arid desert.

Only some imaginary heavenly Bardo realm matters to them, not Paradise on Earth. As a result they’ve systematically trashed the planet to please their true masters –families of psychotic ex-monarchs who believe they and they alone are worthy to wield power over all others. The fabricated belief in a ‘divine right of kings’- spread by the cults they created – has brainwashed untold generations into serfdom and suffering.


By definition, monarchy is psychosis and monarchs are

‘Intelligence’ Agents of Corpora(te Na)tions

Today’s self-styled monarchs are not the kings and queens of old, who in many cases were true representatives of their people. Ancient kingship derived from spiritual awareness and connectedness to the wider tribe. Today’s monarchic rule is rulership over territories, not people, and their territories are far-flung and fluid in the modern world. Today’s monarchs are largely invisible, while some (like the Belgian/Dutch rulers of Britain) hide in plain sight behind false names, masquerading as powerless figureheads. Their only allegiance is to members of their own immediate family, and as far as they’re concerned if you’re not in their family you’re not in their race.

This is paradoxically true of monarchs of every race and colour, a credo shared by reflexive insect hives and hunter-gatherer primate bands alike. It’s nothing unusual, but merely the default state of unselfconscious, unaware, unexamined existence. Racism is simply one of the nastier stigmata demarking the more insecure and less evolved elements of primate tribal nature.

 Recognising that blood is thicker than water, that bloodlines rule and that only dynasties have a chance of maintaining the same territorial holdings and ongoing plans over many generations, lesser control freak organisations adopt similar nepotistic practices. They swap their own spouses and children with those of other powerful families and incorporate those of their rivals into their own families in biological ‘friendly mergers’.

 Many successful political parties, financial transnationals and industrial conglomerates are now as
interbred and inbred as royal families. They control holdings and private armies as extensive as the bloodlines they emulate and occasionally breed with. Many of these busynestmen like to believe they run the world through secret societies of brotherly lodges and deathly oaths that control the purloined prizes of global resources – including intelligence networks.

It suits the interests of ancient bloodlines that the New Money believes this to be the case, but other, even more remote powers rule their bourgeois roost.

In a world of ultimate surveillance, where everything outdoors is nakedly visible to spy satellites, drones or CCTV and almost all indoor areas are similarly observable – where phone lines, airwaves, emails, websites and records of all communications are routinely monitored and stored by systems Big Brother could  only fantasise about – it’s gratifying to see the reaction of ‘statesmen’ and executives when their dirty laundry is hung out to dry by anonymous hackers.

Everyone is watched, but the age old question remains; who watches the watchers; who guards the guardians?

The compartmentalised structure of modern intelligence agencies has rendered the hidden work of spies more invisible and unchallengeable than the more grandiose schemes of any secret society of the past. ‘Need to know’ means that no-one really knows anything much – particularly who’s in charge of the vast black budgets provided by unwitting taxpayers. Unheard of weapons and transportation systems have already been deployed – systems that are sometimes under the control of no conventional government. Secret redoubts in extremely remote places, along with extraordinarily expensive means of access have been constructed at a cost of trillions of dollars over many decades by clandestine groups who believe, above all, in their own survival.

The greatest threat to peace, freedom, security and democracy comes not from terrorists, fanatics or even from ‘rogue elements’ within intelligence agencies, but from hidden hands that invisibly manipulate them from the summit of the food chain.

Throughout history there have always been those who occupy the position of puppet master. The real culprits in the ongoing manipulation of events are those with truly long term agendas cemented by the wealth, ties and loyalties attending all dynastic families. Only ruling houses have the wherewithal, endurance and indomitable ruthlessness to maintain control of the apparently headless horsemen of Industry, Finance
and Intelligence through generations and centuries. They have long been the ‘secret chiefs’ of magical fraternities and masonic lodges, adept at high order subterfuge and codified control systems. They direct the course of technology and control its disbursal through carefully channelled funding, intimidation and murder. It’s been this way since the time of the Pharaohs, but both truth and change share an incorrigible habit of slipping past all gates, bars and razor wire.

Psychotic control freaks may believe they rule, yet even these indomitable dorks are merely pawns in the grander scheme of things. Even though the rapid desertification of the world’s land surfaces may appear to be an example of ‘unterraforming’ the planet to suit some putative alien invader with designs on local real estate, the truth is that the ecosystem is dying a death of a billion cuts, wielded by almost every human on Earth. Neither alien shapeshifters nor racist monarchies are actually responsible for the destruction of the planetary ecosystem. We all are. You’re the culprit. And, having come this far, you now have a choice to make.

Do you want to see a change?

Real Freedom

No-one likes to realise they’ve been fooled. No-one likes to realise they’ve been wrong.  Very few like to admit that they – not some remote shadowy scapegoat – are the problem. Very few are willing to give up their distracting toys, illusory freedoms and toxic pseudo-luxuries and do what’s required – rethink their lives, change their lifestyles, abandon or alter their entrained expectations, resign from their destructive jobs, reconnect with life, grow food, replant the forests, learn to sing and play and play music again, find real friendship in interdependence, leave the toxic cities and get back to the EARTH.

That’s what it will take to save yourself, your soul, your children and your planet, friend; putting down real, solid roots in a healthy water table and extending your awareness into the light of delight.

Expanded consciousness can’t grow amid eternal distraction or ambient fear. It can’t expand while it’s focused on trivia or pain. Almost everyone lives in a hypnagogic, semiconscious, barely awake and  scarcely aware state, at one remove from the world of the senses or any other version of true reality.

The world is made of mindstuff and run by hypnosis, and higher consciousness comes with inbuilt filters that make it impossible for anyone attached to material goods or emotional ties to achieve the only real freedom there is – the levity of enlightenment.

Conscious awareness is your true heritage – not temporary material goods, not the ongoing potage of daily distractions and nightly fantasies that comprise pointless existence in modern societies and civilisations. There’s no external truth or external god, but there is an eternal One, and you are it.

Only conscious awareness derived from relentless self-examination can set you free. Know thyself. No excess. The immortal dwells within. Meditate on nothing – nothing at all. It’s the hardest thing in the world, until you achieve it. Then it’s always at hand, ready and waiting for you to re-enter and maintain. Real truth is simpler and more pure than words can possibly convey.

The hippies were always right. Pollution kills. Consciousness is everything, and vice versa. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. Think globally, but ACT! Alternatives exist – live them. Grow your hair. Go barefoot. Live in a nice, healthy, comfortable place with a forgiving climate and clean water and air. You can. It’s much easier than those who lock themselves inside barred suburban cells every night can allow themselves to believe. Paradise awaits – we just have to replant it.

You can do MUCH better by putting no more of your time into today’s broken medieval feudal system. It’s easy – and fun – to jump off the rat wheel treadmill. Leave the toxic shitties that were built to keep blindsided workers in their accustomed places. Most cities are unliveable poison sumps now, and all they offer is more ways to lose your lifetime (in case you haven’t noticed). Get down to earth – you have nothing  to lose but your pains.

You CAN afford to; can you afford not to? If you’re in a position to buy or otherwise liberate some land and water from moneygrubbing destroyers then do it, even if you ‘only’ intend to allow it to return to wilderness. Share it with anyone who respects it, particularly any remaining native custodians with ancestral links to the place.

And it’s much easier to live off-grid these days than most people imagine. If you can’t afford land there are many communities, landholders and custodians who will help you and give you a place to live if you sincerely seek them out. Everyone needs a hand to heal the planet, and the only way to ensure your food is clean and wholesome is to have a hand in growing it yourself.  Just leave all your insecurities and toxins behind and be prepared to CHANGE yourself. Only those who can learn to live with themselves can make the transition.

Turn on. Tune in. OPT OUT of the system with likeminded friends and family and create something new with the only things you really
have or own – your time and energy! Together we can still recreate the best of all possible worlds.

Remember why you are
by R. Ayana
(who has lived in a tiny shack in a remote forest for 25 years)

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Being Fearless, War or Peace?, Religion is a Region with a Li(e) In It, The Watcher

Being Fearless

War or Peace? CHOOSE – You can’t have both!

Religion is a Region with a Li(e) In It

The Watcher

Images by R. Ayana

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War or Peace? Choose!

War or Peace? Choose!
You can’t have both; decide…


by R. Ayana


 It’s time for me to share some ideas which will make me unpopular in many circles. To some, the following words may
merely seem to be self-evident truths. To others they will appear as grossly inaccurate and simplistic errors. And some will even see them as fundamentally dangerous misinformation spread by an agent provocateur employed by the Powers That Be.

We live in a chaotic world of competing ideals, lofty hopes, and completely outmoded superstitions, of everyday acts of human kindness, barbarically feuding feudal tendencies handed down from bygone eras, of laudable acts of love, compassion and wholesome valour – a kaleidoscopic mindscape of unbridled emotion, untamed thoughts, thoughtless habits and unexamined assumptions. In essence, how do we get to world peace from here?

The first step toward overcoming most obstacles is to examine them. Sometimes obvious solutions can arise from simple observations. Sometimes the simple act of examination can actually be the sole solution required. The ‘reasons’ for war and violence and all other patterns of behaviour are actually internal mental and emotional programs – inherited or imprinted patterns often misnamed ‘human nature’.

The achievement of true lasting peace – individually and globally – requires individuals to examine the thoughts and programs running through their minds, learning to see where these ideas actually come from, and consciously deciding which thoughts and emotions they wish to continue feeling and feeding.

Who are you? Why are you who you are? What do you think you believe? What do you actually do with your precious time? Are you engaged in creating a healthier world? Or are you simply re-enacting ancient programs, habitual designs and decrepit behaviour patterns inherited from long-dead ancestors, discredited cults or heartless institutions?

The major problems the planet faces today all stem from human ignorance and violence. Ignorance breeds contempt and intolerance. Violence begets more violence. Revenge and retribution create endless, pointless repetitive cycles. How can we break these cycles and redirect human passions and energies in the next generation? By examining ourselves, deciding which dreams to enact as reality and casting out the useless baggage that burdens us.

The world is a hotchpotch of differing cultures and ideologies, yet our global family all plays follow the leader. We all live and learn and change to suit the tempo of the times. When any system proves to work better than one it replaces it’s usually widely adopted. It’s up to those nations that consider themselves advanced and aware to create an example for others to follow.

Friends and readers across the literate world – and Americans in particular – it’s time to take responsibility and change the ancient cycles instead of recycling them. It’s time to enact peace in thought, word and deed. Let’s start with the most obvious behaviour that needs to be urgently corrected and rechannelled; violence.

Violence starts in the heart and mind and can be apprehended and altered before it manifests physically. There’s no reasonable excuse for striking another and no reason for outright murder, just as there’s no excuse for war. It’s time to throw down our weapons and repudiate the self-serving lies spread by profiteering politicians, greedy industrialists, amoral weapon makers and grim financiers. No more excuses. We need to keep these dangerous toys away from the kiddies and adults who kid themselves.


In the current milieu of lies and deception it’s high time for people to stop blaming every terror attack and random killing spree in the trigger-happy states of America on the U.S. Government – and to stop using that excuse to play around with instruments of pain and destruction on any scale.

It’s time to admit that average, everyday people armed with guns in a culture rampant with violence and murder can and do use them all the time. It’s time to separate the major and undeniably false flag events (perpetrated mainly by ‘intelligence’ services working for lethal corporations) – 9/11, the Tonkin Incident, and Oklahoma City for instance – from all the petty vengeances and sundry massacres perpetrated by angry losers and loony tune psych patients with ready access to bullets and guns.

It’s time to assign blame for the all-too-regular Sandy Hook, Columbine and Boston massacres to everyday nationalistic wild west gun culture – a cult of death that revels in mayhem, suffering and destruction. The ‘only remaining superpower’ now resembles a tired, retired, punch-drunk prize fighter reeling around the ring of the globe in search of new helpless victims to pummel into insensibility – before rummaging through their pockets and stealing their wallet and jewellery. In any rational world such a citizen wouldn’t be allowed to run around loose in search of a ‘credible enemy’, much less have access to weapons.

The only remaining shred of credibility possessed by the United States of America rests on the fact that life in many other countries is far, far worse.

Americans need to take a good hard look in the mirror and see what’s blindingly evident to the vast majority who dwell beyond the mazing cloud of mass mediated lies that’s forced down every U.S. gullet. Just glance at most movies, games and TV shows the Land of the Fearful uses to entrain its children – the next generation of unfree wage slaves and hapless cannon fodder.

It’s time to realise that – even though they’re playing right into the hands of totalitarian political control freaks – individual guntoting lunatics can and do commit crimes of violence. Regularly. Repeatedly. It’s very unlike the state of affairs in just about every other relatively advanced place on Planet Earth. Very few people in democratic, pluralistic nations have a wish need to own or carry guns around. And yet shills for weapon mongers try and tell us that every mass shooting in the U.S. is a carefully contrived psyop (psychological operation) designed as an excuse to take their guns from them. How absurd – and yet a silly horde of fearful, brainwashed gun cultists happily suck up the bullshit and respew it out.

Were the Columbine school victims crisis actors? Where the youthful perpetrators psyops dupes? Or were they angry lost kids spawned by a culture of violence with easy access to their family’s instruments of mass murder? Sure, Lee Harvey Oswald may have been a CIA dupe and a patsy, but almost all gunmen who take their anger out on others are merely run of the mill angry dopes, not set-up dupes. How many deliberate and accidental shootings occur every day from sea to shining sea?

The U.S. has made many enemies. There really are plenty of people living in nations the West has mercilessly attacked and destroyed who would like to cause as much pain as possible to Western nations. This is the point behind the openly admitted Neocon(man) creation of a ‘credible enemy’; when you attack an ant nest with a pointy stick for long enough the ants will eventually retaliate. Then you may imagine you have an excuse to be armed to the teeth and ‘fight back’ – in practice attacking anyone you like in a feigned fit of rage that masks deeper, unwholesome motives; profit and control.

It’s time to realise that some victims of Western colonial wars are actually capable of following simple, widely available instructions to make pipe and pressure cooker bombs (like almost anyone in the West). And it’s time to understand why. It’s because their children have been starved, forsaken, maimed and murdered for the sake of money and power for five long, painful centuries. For the last five decaying decades the U.S. has been directly responsible for most of this pain and suffering.

It’s time to realise that this madness only benefits control freak dynasties, rich weaponsmiths, psychotic warmongers, obscenely overripe banksters and powerful invested interests like the rifle association. They lead unwitting Americans to believe in an incredible threat so people live in fear of all their neighbours – and waste huge amounts of money on weapons and ammunition that enrich the biggest assholes on the planet; making everyone afraid of each other and their own shadows so they’ll buy more and more lethal armaments. It’s a very old con game and there’s another sucker born every minute.

Many tools of technology are inherently dangerous; a car can kill by plan or by accident. Yet unlike most other technological tools, weapons are designed for one simple purpose; killing. Guns kill. So do bullets. That’s what they’re made for. And most are designed to kill human beings. How could anyone believe otherwise? How can anyone honestly equate a car with a gun?

Why should anyone imagine they ‘need’ a gun in the modern world? Why do so many people believe it’s safer to live in a place where everyone is armed? How can anyone believe a better world can be built if everyone is armed to the teeth? How can any nation imagine it has the right to build, own – and use – nuclear weapons? It’s painfully obvious that all these addled notions are identically daft. It’s just plain M.A.D. – the gun-ho mentality which makes Americans think they have the right to invade other people’s countries, steal their resources and murder their children with impunity every time their bloodthirsty govcorp releases its dumbed down, rabidly vicious dogs of war.


Will disarming a population lead to its enslavement? Americans are enslaved though they bristle with guns. They have the lowest life expectancy, lowest pay, worst health, highest levels of violence and murder and dumbest education system in the advanced world. More people are jailed there than the rest of the world combined. They’re the world’s biggest weapon seller, trapped in a time warp, imagining they’re still fighting some Revolutionary War with powerful enemies breathing down their necks from all sides.


The American imagination is moulded by mouldy old dreams of blood-soaked patriotism, locked into a bygone time when monarchs customarily kept weaponry from their peons. Their armies have slaughtered untold millions of innocent civilians – a tally now even higher than Stalin’s – and as a result the burden of their guilt binds and blinds them to simple truths that underlie all relations between equals; you make more friends with smiles than with snarls, and you can’t sincerely shake hands while holding a gun.

The true revolutionary in any advanced nation is unafraid and free enough to walk down any street without a weapon. Revolution isn’t some knee-jerk reaction by redneck militias but a carefully thought out and boldly actualised ethic and process. The real revolution is a revolution of the mind. Until you examine and free your mind you’re always a slave to the most convincing conman or dictator. A conscious revolutionary knows all about projection and reflection, of karma and dharma. They know that in a real revolution what goes around comes around.

Those well paid apologists for armed mayhem who point out that the Nazis disarmed the German people before instituting their reign of terror never mention the fact that today’s Germany is likewise largely disarmed, yet surprisingly free, wealthy and tolerant – like almost every wealthy nation aside from the US (totalitarian regimes like China’s, of course, are none of these things). Regular random killings and
massacres by individuals armed to the teeth really only happen in America.

It’s way beyond time to stop calling all genuine victims ‘crisis actors’ and fakes, when any real examination of the facts (as opposed to a simple clicking of a ‘share’ button attached to some gun manufacture-sponsored video) reveals that REAL people are being maimed and killed in American streets by REAL gunmen and backyard bomb makers. Those who claim the victims are all actors and the perpetrators all patsies are pulling the wool over your eyes – and adding real insult to genuine injury.

Sure, the FBI sets potentially violent people up as fake terrorists – and arms them – all the time, for a multitude of half-baked reasons. But do you really believe the nation that spawned the Black Panthers, the Unibomber and the Weather Underground – a country filled with mentally damaged, well trained veterans of unholy wars –  is incapable of producing lone gunmen and bomb making cells? Wake up. The only real surprise is that there aren’t far more of them, given the fact that the US and its allies has already murdered and maimed MILLIONS of innocent foreign civilians in this very new millennium – while multitudes of homeless poor are literally fighting over scraps and dying for want of emergency medical care in the streets of the ‘richest nation on Earth’.

Gun cultists play right into the hands of totalitarian government; they don’t resist Big Brother, but foster him and give him purpose. Curfews, strip searches, xray machines and lockdowns only seem necessary in a nation of people armed to the teeth and riven by internal and external injustices – the Land of the Homeless, Free of the Brave where inequity is at an all time low.

Random shootings don’t appear in a vacuum. These assaults on liberty don’t arise in other so-called ‘free democratic’ nations (aside from, say, Pakistan) – but they do in a triggerhappy country that freely allows anyone at all, including psych patients and morons, access to automatic weapons (particularly at gruesome ‘gun fairs’), and thinks nothing of the fact that everyone can lawfully own – and in many states publicly brandish – tools made for nothing but murder.

Does anyone really believe that owning a gun will protect them from a repressive government? How many gunmen or militias have successfully held off the US government? Why don’t Americans finally grow up and learn to live together without continually threatening each other with death? The British aren’t coming any more; neither are the Russians or Chinese. No-one wants America that much any more. There’s
nothing particularly exceptional or unique about it any more. It’s sold its inheritance for worthless pottage and now it’s just one more great big fat fascist mall.

It isn’t a democracy. It’s an ant nest. It’s a shadowy plutocracy of dynastic banksters, fat cat businessmen, media barons and in dust realists, all laughing at their fettered flocks of dumb numbed consumers while bribed and blackmailed glove puppet presidents, congressmen and senators cavort onstage under dazzlingly bright public spotlights in toxic, insectile hive-cities of concreted brutalism. They plod heavily and carry a big stick.

The US isn’t a capitalist society. There’s no level playing field in sight. While imagining itself to be the fittest umpire in a global ball game, the disunited states have grown into a fascist empire of Nazi-like toadies and paranoid death cultists. Fascism is a union of monopoly corporations and repressive, invasive government, designed to entrench a few wealthy families in eternal power (sound familiar?), their coffers filled with goods stolen from other, more helpless peoples in farflung foreign lands.

No wonder Americans have been so easily trained by their filthy rich bosses to hate the idea of a united world or a truly unbiased global arbiter. No wonder the UN is anathema to the deathly gun cultists. No wonder Americans have been so easily brainwashed into distrusting any confederation of nations, including the ones they started themselves. No wonder America refuses to subject its leaders to the scrutiny of international (or domestic) courts; they can’t imagine anyone will deal with them fairly after all they’ve done to destroy the planet and enslave its people in the name of free enterprise –an enterprise so free that industrious entrepreneurs can literally do anything they like to anyone, anywhere, anytime at all with utter impunity.

The filthy rich dynastic industrialists and olde worlde monarchs who actually run the greatest show on Earth have no loyalty to any nation. After all, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, a mirage mistaken for reality by fools, narrow minded ignoramuses and rag waving killers in uniform. How swiftly the mighty are turned into arseholes. America has become a violent, ignorant, racist, sexist, religionist house divided against itself. Like the rest of the world, it cannot stand without radical rebuilding and remodelling.

Society all starts – or ends – in vicious playgrounds. That’s where training and retraining begins. What do honourable people do when a bully threatens someone weaker in a playground? Do they tell the victim to shoot the bully? Do they shoot the bully? Do they lock them up in a cage to be brutalised by child molesters? Do they just assume violence is ‘human nature’ and allow a violent kid who’s been badly brought up by violent parents to enact their revenge fantasies on the weak and lame? Or do they separate the bully from the other kids and ensure they can’t hurt themselves or anyone else while they restrain and retrain them?

How do we get to world peace – and universal disarmament – from here? Because that’s what we have to do in this brave New Millennium, boys and girls – or we’ll all die in a toxic radioactive hell of our own making. Weapons won’t help one little bit, but renouncing them and repudiating all who claim the right to use them certainly will.

It’s incomprehensible that a supposedly advanced, peace loving people that gave the world the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights can be so hypocritical and stupid. It’s insane that they have become as rigid and blind as Nazi Germany.

Change needs to start with the new generation. Commenting from a remote perspective in a wooden cabin in a distant forest I think America needs to change the war loving, star spangled, rocket-firing, blood soaked National Ant Hem all its children are forced to learn and replace it with a peaceful, lovely, natural song like “America the Beautiful” – to stop glorifying flag rags, terror and wartime. Just for starters.

Get real, America. We’ll all still like you if you don’t have a gun – in fact we’ll like you a lot more. We may even learn to love you again! Put down your anger. Do something positive. Beat your guns into shovels and replant the forests your bosses have stolen from you, along with your peace of mind. Occupy all those empty homes rich manipulators stole from you. Stop putting your money into their ripoff criminal banks and learn to enjoy sharing this beautiful world with real friends and friendly neighbours.

Relax. Laugh at the lies of those who want you to work for them, obey them, fight for them and die for them. Tell them to go f*ck themselves instead of doing their dirty work. Stand on your own two feet and dance. Learn to party again. Have a joint and chill out. You’ll be so glad you did – and so will everyone else.

Come to your senses, America – and everyone else. We all need to be whole, sane and peaceful. The path to paradise on Earth is easy to tread. You only need one guiding rule;

Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

If everyone simply did that there’d be peace on Earth.

Meditate. Examine consciousness. That’s where you find the real revolution. Turn on. Tune in. OPT OUT and create something new and imaginative! See you in the Brave New World.


For more information about the convincing, conniving lies of warmongers see


For more screeds and manifestos by R. Ayana see

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Spring, Pipedreamer, Ascension, Dream Surfer, Stroll











Dream Surfer






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Images – author’s




Our perception of time is an illusion. Time can be visualised as a stream flowing at right angles between space and matter,
potential and substance; the fourth dimension in 3-space.

We are primates living on a rotating ball which revolves around the Sun; hence we believe there is a yesterday, today and tomorrow. The slow stroboscope of ‘day’ and ‘night’ helps us to believe there is a past, present and future.

If we were living outside this gravity well (planet Earth) in the field of sunlight which surrounds it, our perception of time would be very different.


Time is part of a fluid crystal through which we swim. ‘Spacetime’ is the medium through which we manifest life; yet (in English at least) we have stapled two words together to describe it. This indicates we have no current understanding of what it is.

We must know a thing to name it.To understand ‘timespace’ we must considertime as a fourth dimension.

As we’ve known for a century, time is relative to motion.It is also relative to mass.

As we rise out of thegravity wellof a planetary mass,subjectivetime moves at a different rate. The further from the mass of Mater Earth, the less dense the timespace field is. It helps to visualise spacetime as a latticework constructed of energy in the form of tetrahedrons – ‘ionised gas’ (a tetrahedron is a regular four-sided solid pyramid – the most basic internally symmetrical solid – other than a sphere).See Illustration 5 (below).

LatMed by you.

The interlacing of this lattice withotherpotentials is relatively complex around aggregates of material substance – ‘atoms’ – and it becomes more simple as it approaches a vacuum state. Within masses like planets (high level energy densities) the lattices are highly interlaced and complex; formed of ‘virtual’ particles winking in and out of timespaces, they are transformed into higher geometric forms – regular ‘
Platonic‘ symmetrical crystalline shapes formed by the rotation of tetrahedra through ‘hyperspace’ (potential). Of course, no actual lattice exists – it is really intersecting waveforms or fields.

Matter is continually accreting into our continuum out of ‘higher dimensions’; as the quantum field (hyperspace, or the aggregate of possible universes – timespaces) interlaces in potential timestreams. ‘Soft electrons’ and other particles eternally appear and disappear with each moment. Particles are squeezed through on nodal or connecting points on the lattice, to manifest in our timespace continuum – our fluid crystal lattice hologram, comprised of numerous intersecting reference fields.

They are artifacts of three intersecting in-phase fields – three dimensions – arising from ‘hyperspace’.


- Constructing Reality


These accretion points are much more tightly interwoven in masses of ‘matter’ than in (relative) space, so mass attracts more mass and the accretion rate of particles is higher within matter than in space because of the increased level of overlap of adjacent
hyperspace fields (timestreams) – and the product of the interlacing of each adjacent quantum of energy/mass in the globe of the Earth. This has major implications for the evolution of stellar and planetary masses (see
Global Expansion Tectonics)!

A tetrahedron constrains four primary vectors – like spacetime’s 4D structure; In ‘space’ (potential) the lattice is simple; these virtual tetrahedrons are less interlaced with local structures. Beyond the charged ‘solar bubble’ – the solar field in which the planets exist – in ‘vacuum’ (zero-point potential), ‘objective’ time attenuates markedly, relative to Earth.

All around us and here on the surface of the Earth a timestream flows at right angles between substance and potential – 4-space entering 3-spaceat all points. Its relative ‘rate of passage’ is faster the closer one approaches the centre of agravitic field. Objects only appear to accelerate as they enter the relatively more dense field that make up a gravity well.From the perspective of Timethey experience no subjective change as they ‘fall’ – they feel no accelerating force. They are entering a progressively denser time field, which is why they
appear to accelerate under ‘gravitic attraction’ or ‘force’ to an ‘outside’ observer subject to another field density – ie an observer on the planet’s surface.

There is no gravitic field – only a progressively denser and more complexly arranged TimeSpace – three-space – mass – in time (Gravitic attraction results from the spiralling curvature encountered by interacting ‘particles’ as they approach each other – a vortexial effect. ‘Local gravity’ can be affected by em field modulation – seePawlicki). From a falling object’s perspectiveno accelerative forceis apparent – there is no ‘force’ pushing or pulling it. SeeMagic NetandInfinity

An object experiences nosubjectiveacceleration as it enters a gravity well. Its subjective time remains the same although its velocity appears to be increasing.

It is entering a progressively denser timespace.Time behaves differently near a singularity.

Time flows relative to mass, acceleration, relative motion and direction of spin. Time moves at differing rates depending on the energy density through which it flows. -See Deyo

The modulation of rotating tuned fields in a precise geometric layout can alter timespace flow.

Time is a fourth-dimensional wedge driven through 3-space from the quantum field.

Gravity is a dimension, not a force (seeInfinity & Beyond).Gravity, being an intrusion from a ‘higher’ or ‘deeper’ dimensional matrix, provides communication between all parts of our continuum at a much higher velocity than lightspeed. The velocity of gravity is thesquareoflocallightspeed…

By R. Ayana 11/11/00

For more TimeSpace Elucidations seeInfinite
Cosmos of Light and Life
Magic Net: How to Make

For more information
about timespace see

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Aural Fixation, Giant Wombat, Burning Home, Piping Hot

Aural Fixation

Giant Wombat (deceased)

Burning Home

Piping Hot

images – author’s

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Why? Lifting the veil: wakey wakey


Lifting the veil: wakey wakey

It’s time to awaken from the larval dream. It’s time to emerge from the chrysalis and metamorphose. It’s time to step out of the plastic straitjacket and remove the blindfold tightly tied around body and mind by insecure family, indoctrinating schooling and insincere relationships. It’s time to decide who you really are, what you’re truly here for – and why.

It’s time to ask, “what’s ‘work’, what’s a ‘job’, what’s freedom, and what in hell is everyone doing – and why?” It’s time to stop making non-existent illusory money and garnering disinterested social approval by giving your time and energy to speed the destruction of Planet Earth’s biosphere – time to live a real life in a real living world instead of running a rat race through a pseudo civilisation of loathsome architect-designed concrete toilets in a pointless maze of toxic termite towers.

Yes, yes, you’ve heard it all before and you already know what’s going on. You don’t need to be told. You know what you need to do. You already know how you really could be living, thanks very much. You’ll get around to it in your own sweet time, when you’ve paid off your debts, when your family’s grown up, when you get some free time to pause and change tack, when you retire, when you win the lottery. When you’re good and ready. 

Sure, buddy. Sure sis. You’ll get around to doing the right thing when you’re dead – in your next incarnation on a planet you’ve helped to thoroughly degrade and ruin – when you’re reborn in Bangladesh or Mongolia or sub-Saharan Africa, instead of in a better, blessed place where you can actually be free and make a difference, like here and now.

It’s time to find ways to share what remains of our beautiful planet with honour and without guilt. It’s time to decide whether to live a life of truth and beauty or die for a lie you know to be false. You’ve already chosen; your actions and ‘lifestyle’ are your choice, and the time has come to reassess your decisions and remake your destiny.

It’s time to realise why you’ve given yourself such an incredibly rare and privileged life that you actually have the space, mentality and leisure time to sit back and read this little diatribe. Now is the time and you are the person on the spot. You’re the one we need to save the world – now, at this critical juncture betwixt future and past. Living for life or dying for death? Choose. Now.

The system is set up to make you think you’re either on the high road to material success or sliding down a slippery slope to a loser’s failure; yet it’s designed to ensure you fail in the end. ‘Society’ is set up to ensure anything you build or create is taken from you, bit by bit, clod by clod, and stolen from any you choose to bequeath it to. Putrescent obsolescence is built into everything you’re sold and all that you’re told.

In modern all-consuming societies you’re taxed more highly than any ancient feudal serf, and even when you buy something outright you’ve just begun paying for it with the only thing you can ever really own – your time. The time of your life is taxed and stolen by those you vote for on behalf of remote controllers who think they ‘own’ the world. There are plenty of alternatives to their manipulated systems, but they’re all carefully concealed from you.

Most humans base their entire lives – plans, hopes, fears, dreams and strategies – on outdated assumptions programmed into them by brainwashed timeservers. They smother their kids in regimental uniforms and don’t care enough to notice how playtime becomes muted, how minds are restrained and freedom retrained into uniform mindlessness. They follow in the footsteps of torpid dolts and wonder why a
regimented life is boringly doleful. Trained to subservience by millennia of feuding feudalists, humankind can only approach absolute truths (and long term survival) by roundabout routes that invariably lead people further astray.

Schooling isn’t education. It’s a system where open minds are successfully closed and everything not forbidden is compulsory. ‘Modern’ schooling ensures that cheats always prosper and that bullies and liars always prevail in the ‘real’ outside world of business and finance. Today’s educational establishments are dopey money factories designed to extort obedient volunteer slaves. No intelligent independent minds are found in them; none can survive there.

Schools, colleges and universities are quagmires of brainwashing, cultural imperialism and mindless training for destructive jobs that will soon cease to exist – training yards designed to serve the momentary needs of industries owned and run by short sighted paranoid sociopaths. They’re the birthplace of hierarchy and corruption. You know it’s true. Any real learning achieved is incidental. Scores and scoring a cushy job where you can lord it over others are everything. Learning and knowledge are secondary, sacrificial goals.

The system is thoroughly rigged by and for the worst elements to make sure that only most egregious people rise to the top of the dung heap and prosper. Only the worst control freaks and insecure jerks with killer ‘instincts’ claw their way to the summit. You know it’s true. There’s no ‘survival of the fittest’ (or even of the most adaptable) involved. Societies aren’t interested in change and evolution, but in security, status and stasis. And sooner or later stasis always means extinction, not survival.

But you can be different. So can your children. Deny the unloving death of blind conformity and confirm a free loving life with every action. Be what you always wanted to be, ’ere it harm none. If you’re well intentioned and wise the multiverse will provide. Choose. Now.

People are bigger than their straightjackets. You have the power to remove any blindfold and widen your vision whenever you
choose. You have the ability to concentrate, meditate, cogitate and liberate. Only you can do it. Only you can free yourself, heal yourself, grow and learn. No-one can do it for you and anyone who says they can is a liar you need to avoid. And you have to do these things or die blind, lonely and incomplete before your time.

You’re a psychic immortal who gets precisely what you created. Only when people develop the inner divining and dowsing facilities latently inherent in all conscious beings are they able to discern truth from lies –able to actually tell the truth. You can only be free when you drop all that cultural conditioning and learn to open your inner sight. You can only decide what’s what, what to do and why when you have genuine personal insight.

 Welcome to the new Aeon, a time when dangerous old myths can finally be laid to rest and healthier new legends allowed to arise from the ashes of yesterday’s ignorance.

One easy way to learn the truth is to ask two simple questions; ‘Why?’, and ‘Who Profits?’ Keep these liberating queries in mind as you progress onward…

Here’s a handy list of dangerous myths we need to lay to rest (and drive stakes through the hearts of. Repeatedly).

‘What did you do to save the world, daddy/mummy?’

Lie #1: The planet will soak up any mess humans make.  

It won’t – not in any timeframe recognisable by you. We’ll all be dead before the planet is repaired and reforested unless WE go out and clean up our messes, stop the destruction of living treasures, replant entire continents of forests and weed and nourish them for generations, starting yesterday. Most brain-deprived, depraved ‘leaders’ seem to think the planet merely needs to be repaved. Don’t fall for their bandaid ‘solutions’. Opt out of death-dealing ‘civilisation’ and help start fresh societies in the green living world beyond the walls.

1b: Trees are a renewable resource. Forests will grow back if we cut them down.

They won’t. They haven’t. When the soil has washed away, the seed stock is gone and rainfall has disappeared (because forests make most of our rain, and store most of our fresh water) you’ve killed all the most interesting, nourishing and beneficial plants and animals and inherit a desert of sand, clay and rocks. It takes centuries for trees to be large enough, with large enough hollows, to support viable animal populations – including humans. Forests without animals are scrubby denuded death zones bereft of nutrients.

Idiots are still cutting down trees for money when there are better, cleaner, cheaper and totally renewable solutions for everything provided by natural forests – for everything except clean water, food and air! Somewhere near you, now, today, a forest is being felled. Help anyone who’s trying to stop them. Now.

Without global forests you’ll have no water fit to drink, no air fit to breathe and no crops to eat. The truth isn’t ‘out there’ – it’s obvious to any who actually look with unblinkered eyes.

Lie #2: Burning toxic fuels with lethal exhausts isn’t dangerous to the ecosystem or to people, and we need to keep doing it to fuel a prosperous civilisation.

It is. We don’t. If you don’t know about better technologies that are already available your head is in the sand with the in dust ‘realists’,  looking for another oilfield or coal seam to vampirise. Some advanced nations are already totally fuelled by clean renewable energy. Literally hundreds of patents for new energy technologies are literally suppressed and stolen by ‘intelligence’ and ‘the military’ on behalf of ruthless killer corporations every year. Clean, free energy systems have been available for over a century and repeatedly eliminated, along with their
investors (see One name should suffice to explain much; Nikola Tesla.

The truth isn’t ‘out there’ – it’s being actively suppressed all around you. Why? The answer is a nested series of onion skins; the Russian dolls of money, control and power wrapped round an inner core of ultimate terrified insecurity.

2b: Human-made global warming is a lie spread by some unnameable group to control our lives and make us poorer.

It isn’t. The fossil fuel power mongers have lied to you so successfully that many or most people have been convinced ecologists have some
vested interest in misleading them – instead of the profiteering planet killers who make gazillions from mining and selling you toxic and  unnecessary products. CO2 IS a ‘greenhouse gas’, whose levels have dictated global temperatures for billions of years.

Whether we inject enough heat into the biosphere to forestall an impending cyclic ice age or simply create a global desert, every industry that injects carbon dioxide into the biosphere is doing so as a byproduct of pumping far more deadly chemicals into your body
all the time, in the interests of meaningless profit. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying or ignorant.

Any time someone tells you that carbon dioxide isn’t a greenhouse gas or that manmade global warming is a lie, challenge them for some data – any real facts – and you won’t get any that aren’t constructs of half-truths, misdirecting distractions and outright lies. Humans ARE heating the planet with toxic emissions regardless of what industry shills and conspiratorial ignoramuses tell you (see

Time for an inconvenient and little-appreciated fact: when climate scientists tell you there will be, say, a five degree Celsius rise in global temperature they’re talking about global averages – including sea temperatures, which will hardly rise at all. A ‘five degree average rise’ means a TEN  DEGREE rise – or more – on the land (outside the tropics) – where you and everything that makes it possible for you to survive actually lives. Forget drowning cities and sinking islands – all that will be left is desert and dust if we allow our ‘leaders’ to keep taking bribes from blindly competitive in dust ‘realists’.

There is no truth on the side of profiteering corporations, surprisingly enough – and the only ‘invested interest’ environmentalists have is the wish to survive and thrive. Have you heard of the Precautionary Principle? If you haven’t, google it. The truth isn’t ‘out there’, it’s simple: stop using toxic products fuelled by toxic fuels that make profits for toxic monopolies run by toxic people. 

Authorised Docterds

Lie #3: We’re repeatedly informed that ‘education is liberation’. It isn’t. Learning is liberation; education swiftly becomes rote indoctrination. The most dangerous, authoritarian ignoramuses are those who stayed in school the longest. No-one with a doctorate is entirely sane. No-one who demands money in exchange for healing the sick, protecting another’s rights and freedom, repairing
the ecosystem or providing education can be trusted; they know nothing of truth and are part of the problem, not the solution. Anyone who profits from another’s misery, toil or terror is actually,  functionally, a heartless sociopath.

In ‘advanced’ notions today, more people die from medical errors than from any other cause. Only a
few years ago docterds ensured that just about everyone in ‘developed’ notions had organs removed from their bodies ‘just in case’ something went wrong. Every child was expected to have their tonsils and adenoids (lymph glands), appendix and wisdom teeth ‘removed’, just in case their docterd couldn’t afford a flashier car or another mistress. And many an operation led to another, to correct the mistakes made in the first. It was all bullshit and almost everyone fell for it, because, like priests and lawyers, docterds claim a false monopoly on access to life and death and rule only by terror.  See

Today fluoridation, toxic vaccines, poisonous drugs and a host of other techniques bestow slow death and perpetual dissolution on the incredibly patient (trusting, ignorant and terrified) patient.


Your health and mind are in your hands. Sawbones/surgeons can occasionally be handy in real emergencies but best avoided at all other times. Once in a while you may damage yourself so much you need some repairs, but the only actual healing is done by you, your
self, your body. The placebo effect – whereby if you believe something will heal you it will, regardless of whether it has any active ingredients or not – is estimated by reputable sources as being around forty percent – that’s 40%! This means that almost half of all cures are widely accepted as being basically magical –consciousness-driven – in nature. The other sixty percent are as well.

Time for some Truths

Cui Bono? Who Profits? Who is it
good for?


Truth #1: Who profits? No-one who doesn’t have another planet or two readily available profits from old style
industrial societies. Yet there will always be some deluded power monger willing to kill millions – to wreck an entire planet and civilisation – so that they can have another mansion complex surrounded by bodyguards and electric fences.

There are always those who’ve been so successfully brainwashed they’ll actually believe that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Messiah, a Redeemer, a big bearded genocidal racist asshole in the sky, his fallen foes or his mythical toady son are real – and these naïfs make fine prey for patriarchal paedophilic proselytising pederast priests. Who but the most ignorant innocents fall for such superstitious claptrap? Who but an insecure control freak with delusions of grandeur would want to interpose themselves as a middleman between you and your divine psychic heritage?

Anyone who tells you the Divine is only available through some frock wearing po-faced priest, or from some Bronze Age tome cobbled together by merciless barbaric dictators, or through some graven image or guru or savant, is lying. All who ‘worship’ some odd bod god or other fetish are simply trained to doff the forelock, kneel, bow, scrape and be subservient to a dead or deadly psychopathic control freak.
Watch out, little girls! Bums to the wall, boys!

Christinanity, Islime and Moronism – to name a few – are nothing more than some of the more recent pernicious death cults focused on lies of pies in the skies at the expense of happy, healthy lives in the only real place – here and now.  All other ‘great religions’ are as bad or
worse. Religion is a region with a li(e) in it. But they make gigantic tax-free profits! Cui bono?

The truth is always simple. The only beliefs that are true are those that spread life, light, health and diversity – the hallmarks of true survival and wisdom. Everything else is deceptive bullshit.

If you really want to learn how to access the godhead that is the birthright and crown of all beings, all you have to do is listen to the endless programs running through the rat wheel of your mind – and transcend them. Everyone can do it if they try, but the younger and fresher you start  deprogramming yourself and tuning into ‘higher’ or ‘deeper’ consciousness the better. See
and if you want to learn how. 

Enlightenment will always be available to any true seeker with an open mind and compassionate heart. Guides are always available if you simply search, but accept no substitute for self-gained awareness – and anyone who demands money in exchange for spreading the light of universal awareness is not a person you want anything to do with.

The Lore of the Land

Truth #2: There is no government. There is no law. There are no companies or corporations. Money does not exist. They are fables, illusions, widely accepted truisms – but they aren’t things. They don’t actually exist, except as agreements between people. They have no inherent power. They are clever pernicious illusions.

If you take a closer look you’ll discover that none of your country’s laws has a basis in any fact. In fact, you’ll find that your nation is also merely a notion, a fable agreed to by a sectional segment of some of the people; not all, or even necessarily most, but merely those who profit the most from the fable.

No ‘higher power’ or external ‘divine plan’ or government controls your life. No dog, no master. Thou art god(dess). All human-made laws are simply constructs and contracts, and none are writ in stone.  The only real inherent law is the lore or karma and dharma – the ‘golden rule’: Do unto others as you’d be done by. It’s the only law and lore that works, and needs no intercessor or interpreter, no priest, monk, scholar or savant to preserve or transmit through the ages. It’s free for all, forever.

The real Law is no mystery and has no officers. It needs no prophets, liars/lawyers, judges or arbitrators. As above, so below. You are part of a giant hologram, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and every part contains the whole. In a holographic universe where everyone shares the same consciousness, anything you do to or for anyone else is something you do to or for your self.

Don’t kid yourself that ‘good deeds for others will reap rewards’. Of course they will. But anything you do for your children, family or strangers you’re actually doing for yourself. Caring about your family more than anyone else is perfectly understandable on a mechanical, biological and genetic level – but it’s also the basis for the worst traits of humankind. Racism, genocide, slavery and most forms of discrimination are outgrowths of such ‘love’, which is actually selfish at its root. Everyone is your family.

In fact, everyone is you, and you are everyone, for thou art god(dess), recreating the manifest world from instant to moment at a level beyond and behind linguistic thought.

Abundance and Scarcity: It’s Falseconomy, Stupid!

Truth #3: Money doesn’t exist. It’s a global pyramid scam whereby only the first ones in get to the top of the pyramid – everyone else loses. We have the ability to provide everyone on the planet with enough food, water and shelter – but we don’t appear to have enough of an entirely imaginary commodity to do it with. Something is very wrong.

The ‘science’ of economics is bullshit, as any true scientist can tell you. Arbitrary rules are continually altered and no ‘economist’ can make accurate predictions based on ‘economics’. It’s just another scam to make you think ‘authorities’ know what they’re doing and can be trusted to look after your best interests. Lol.

Money is simply invented. It’s created at the flick of a keyboard. It’s all made up; simply invented by (in)vested interests with ‘interest’. When the illusion is so arranged as to make it appear the ‘economy’ is circling the drain you go down the tubes – but the banksters, monarchs and in dust realists who own actual, tangible things don’t, as we all ought to recognise. This happens regularly and repeatedly. I won’t go on – see and never take out a loan. Don’t use banks. There are plenty of alternatives.

Become as self-sufficient and live as sustainably as possible.

People are told they must pay money to inhabit a patch of the planet, and because they’ve been trained to accept a vast raft of lies by feudal societies run by hideous robber barons surrounded by gunmen they simply accept it.

People are told they must go to school and work every day to provide enough food, water, shelter and entertainment for themselves and their families. It’s a lie. That only has to happen because we’ve allowed industrious robber barons and banksters to steal everything and arrange it that way when we have a wide choice of much better possibilities. Now, at the dawn of the Third Millennium, the new industrious
revolution has begun and advancing automation, nanotech and new processed like 3d printing mean that the jig is up. Full ‘employment’ is no longer possible or desirable. Now we have to provide shelter, food, water, transport and other necessities to everyone, even the rich, for free – because now, at last, we can!

If you work at any job that isn’t actively healing the planet you’re almost certainly actively destroying it. If you go into debt you’re destroying it. If you flush a toilet into a river or ocean, if you use fossil fuelled transport to and from work or to power your home (and nuclear fuels are fossil fuels, too) you’re destroying it. If you aren’t growing at least some of your own food and medicine you’re destroying it. If you leave your kids in some regimented school (or even a childcare centre) to be mindlessly raised to do and be the same as you were brainwashed
into, you’re destroying it – and them.

 If you’re trapped on a treadmill with no easy way out but to simply jump off and take your chances – JUMP OFF.

You’ll be so glad you did!

Competitiveness = Death Dealers

Truth #4: The ‘killer instinct’ is no instinct – it’s a result of training. Bullies and psychopaths are made, not born – and they can be unmade if you catch, restrain and retrain them early enough. Without bullying children don’t learn hate, fear and fight. Without bullies children don’t learn to be subservient. Bullies must be separated from other kids until they can be trusted among them. The same is
true for adults.

The only reason to have a gun is to murder. They’re made for no other reason. They’re the coward’s long distance death dealing weapon of choice. Only people terrified of their neighbours own guns – and that, of course, terrifies their neighbours. Violence begets violence and weapons beget weapons. They’re feedback loops. Weapon ownership is always an arms race, the stupid doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction writ small for small minded loony hoons, terrified cowards and immature halfwits who like to menace others. Anyone who wants a gun – like anyone who wants a presidency – is precisely the person you don’t want to trust with one.

Allowing gun ownership in human society is just a form of collective lunacy. No popguns will save you from a modern army – or government swat team. They’ll just get you killed more quickly and assuredly. That’s the real lesson of modern history, for anyone who cares to look; don’t fall for the lies of weapon profiteers. In modern conflicts the survivors are those who successfully avoid the fighting. Save your money and save a life; you can’t have peace with a gun in your hand and it’s almost certain that no-one will aim one at you if you don’t. War or peace;
you can’t serve two masters. Choose. Now.

All free societies have a fine time without weaponised populations perpetually living under a Sword of Damocles. The US, for instance, is not a free society but a corporatocracy that’s had its freedoms surgically removed since neoconmen ensured King George II stole the (p)residency. Freedom is free. How could it be otherwise? If you have to do something to defend or promote ‘freedom’, it isn’t freedom and you aren’t free. The contrary view is oxymoronic absurdity.

Flags are just coloured rags used to blindfold sacrificial lambs and enshroud their mangled bodies. Wars are always fought to enrich a few cowardly, spiteful old dorks and their trophy girlfriends hiding in some castle or penthouse. There is no honour involved in killing – it’s simply the worst form of working for The Man.

The only people who profit from wars and weapons are weapon makers, ammunition merchants, oil barons and the politicians they coerce and bribe. No-one who kills for a wage is anything but a (poorly) paid killer. This includes virtually all soldiers – not just mercenaries – and everyone who makes a profit from raising, hunting or killing animals for food.

You may have fallen for the bullshit that humans need to eat corpses to be healthy. The opposite is true. No-one (regardless of blood type or haplogroup) needs meat to survive. It’s a choice, a habit, an appetite – an addiction, nothing more.

Cattle and ‘meat animals’ are condemned to lives of pain and torture. They’re castrated, poisoned, fed garbage, corralled into cages, beaten, shocked and terrified into submission (rather like modern domesticated primates). If you saw what happens to animals before they end up in your mouth you wouldn’t touch the poisons collected at the top of the food chain and pump them through your bloodstream. Most young kids vomit the first time they’re fed eggs or meat. Ever wonder why?

Before you accept the lie that ‘vegetarians kill too – everything kills to survive’, consider that eating the fruits, vegetables and seeds of plants doesn’t kill any plant. The plant lives on, and reproduces. Just on more lie told by profiteers; one more unexamined false assumption.

If you choose to create endless unnecessary suffering by slaughtering innocent, terrified animals you deserve all that’s coming to you. Remember that ‘karma’ thing? Choose. Now.


The Road to Hell is Paved with False Assumptions

When we’re kids we all ask, “Why?” Some kids mean, “Why does it work like that?” Others are asking, “Why on Earth would
people do something so stupid?”

Bereft of imagination, in dust ‘realists’ force everyone to inhabit their bland, artless, heartless concrete toilets – blocky headstones designed by award winning wannabes and built by money-mastered so called craftsmen.  Chintzy malls and ugly mausoleums masquerading as a civilisation. We can do much, much better.

Everything we’ve built has foundations of clay. All our sciences, beliefs and political systems are based on antiquated false assumptions; on lies, to be absolutely clear. Truth is always in here, within, waiting to be recognised by a freshly awakening mind. It isn’t going anywhere – unlike the outmoded scams perpetuated by a dying breed of conmen and the pernicious women hiding behind their thrones.

You’d think they’d know by now – you can service two mistresses but you can’t serve two masters! Life or Mammoney: Choose! Now!
It’s beyond the scope of this little entreaty to cover all these bases in detail – but they’re all explored in more (and more) depth at this website: become one of the New Illuminati by perusing truths and subscribing via one of the many ways available @

Welcome to the New Millennium and have a great New Aeon

R. Ayana

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