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Crystal Spheres: Universe as Hologram

A ‘particle’ is a spinning vortex of ‘quanta’. Around a so-called ‘atomic nucleus’ are a series of shells created at intervals of harmonic resonance. Within these shells, other spins of quanta occur as a result of energy density displacement; smaller vortices at the interface planes between disparate energy levels are created, smaller fractals of larger spinning forms (See Vorticles Graphics).
These smaller vortexes (electrons, planets, etc) are really by products and part of the centralised, encompassing spinning field, fully enclosed within its resonance.

The ‘electron’ cannot be said to have an actual position and course around the ‘nucleus’ at any given time (according to the uncertainty principle) when viewed from ‘outside’ the field of spin.

Instead, a cloud of potential positions is visualised around the nucleus, an infinite number of potential positions and vectors – a multitude of potential realities. Inside the ‘timespace’ field of the spin, actual positions of these satellite vortices is determinable as spinning, orbiting vortices (the geometrical inverse of spheres) around central forms encased in the overall field. In the solar system, accretion of matter occurs at ‘tidal’ trojan and LaGrange points created by vortexial pressures where gravity wells pre-exist in the field (See Planar Nets).
Our solar system is encased in the Sun’s ‘solar bubble’, a plasma field; the resonance of this field defines the orbits of the planets – planar nets rolling down the perpetual hill of their orbits (with the exception of Uranus, which spins like a top while doing so).
Neither Waves Nor Particles
Light is information in formation. It is not propagated via small massless particles, nor directly by waves. Timespace is packed full of spinning virtual ‘vorticles’ which affect each other’s spin components whenever a signal affects any one of them in the compressible field of timespace; ‘light’ and other frequencies of information are passed through this alteration in the vorticles at the maximum possible speed – that of the spin rate of the vorticles themselves, the ‘speed of light’. This is not a fixed value, as the spin rates themselves are not fixed universally, but alter according to local conditions. The spin rate determines lightspeed and the apparent rate of passage of time itself (see Time Shift). A single vorticle is a model for an electron, an atom, a star and the universe itself…

Infinite Cosmos of Light and Life

There is no ‘dark energy’ or ‘dark matter’. These confabulations were invented by desperate cosmologists when modern observations made the old Big Bang hypothesis utterly untenable. They are desperate attempts to prop up a rotten old false theory that makes about as much sense as the doctrine of Original Sin and was produced by minds (mal)formed amid the same pernicious fables that gave rise to such nonsense. These ‘dark’ entities were invented to explain the fact that the ‘early universe’ seemed to have expanded and
gained its current configuration far more quickly than was possible under the notion that it was merely 13.6 billion years old and a corresponding distance in width.

Because nothing could be seen that could account for the extraordinary expansion that would be necessary to create the observable universe under outdated doctrine, theoreticians simply invented unseen (i.e. ‘dark’) things to explain a non-existent phenomenon. They
even made nonsensical claims of an inexplicable hyperinflation of their singleton, simpleton ‘universe’ to keep their fracturing story straight. Now that millions of person hours and innumerable careers have been wasted on this arrant nonsense, it’s very difficult for any astrophysicist to tell the simple truth – that the cosmos of time and space is infinite, and there was no creation and no creator. To do so would be career suicide for anyone with a vested interest in misleading nonsense, or a desire to remain within the sheeplike flock and foolish fold of the duplicitous regional lies known as religions.

Perspective and knowledge are wonderful things, yet the aerie of truth can be an eerily lonely place in a binding, blinding era of one-eyed rulers and indoctrinated rules. True independence and bravery are required for anyone interested in apprehending a truer vision of reality; most simply choose to descend back into the morass of illusion, pluck out the eye that offends and cease seeking ‘unfortunate’ truths.

The reason the cosmos is perpetually expanding is that an infinite sea of manifesting ‘particles’ – which are actually holographic fractal components of the greater multiversal whole – are continuously spreading the ‘fabric of space’ by their very appearance. Energy is continuously accreting into our observable timespace as a result of this mechanism
– and ‘matter’ is continuously precipitating into our plenum by the same mechanism. The cosmos is perpetually self-renewing and utterly infinite – a recursive holographic fractal forever giving rise to new versions of itself.
There is nothing ‘dark’ about it. Everything is light.

Prophetic Conspirators * Psychedelic Water

The mess accumulates and energy swells
as adventurous travelers strut toward the promise of a truly
psychedelic experience – an indelible climax to the weekend’s hedonistic
foreplay. By midday throngs already amass in the painted streets and
shaded byways of the far out little village of Nimbin. Saturday’s brilliantine noonday heat transforms the vibrant subtropical splendour of
the verdant landscape into a viridian radiance of enervating humidity.
The autumnal atmosphere verges back into the sweaty green steambath
conditions common during the last few years’ runaway greenhouse summers.
Yet untrammeled vigour still
imbues the eagerly expectant assembly of freaks, straights, tourists
and wannabe contenders with unabated intensity as they mingle and jostle
for the year’s best buds, heads, colas and other less combustible
comestibles. A demi-multitude straggles into town along gravel tracks
and bitumen arteries, undeterred by the heat of climate catastrophe or
police state shenanigans….

Male Pythons, Australian Dream, Firefighter, Human Clay

Living the Australian Dream – images from the life of the Her(m)etic Hermit

The World Is (a) Mine

Who cares what happens to the world? Many religions tell us the Earth is an easy come, easy go mud-pile that was cobbled together in less than a week. The material world is an illusion, nothing more than the fleeting dream of a sleeping Creator that will fade with the coming of a new Earth and a new Heaven.
The righteous spokesmen for our heavenly sponsor have assured us we have the right to exploit the world until there’s nothing left. We’ve been told that every living and immobile little thing has been placed in reach for our benefit – ready to be carved up and taxed on our behalf by our wise leaders, who surely are the Elect. Conmen priests and neoconmen prophets vote each other into various planes and degrees on the pyramid of power, and anoint kings, emperors and the presidential potentates of modern-day democratic monarchies – while their tied-down puppet people get on with the job of ‘making a living’ out of killing the living world.

Want To Be (More) Immortal?

Are we the stuff that dreams are made on? Is your life a waking dream – or a
fantasy, or nightmare? Is all the world imaginary, a virtual reality matrix, a
mote in some fanciful god’s eye? Are you the dreamer and/or the dream? Are you
responsible for everything that happens – and for the fact of your existence?

These notions can no longer be relegated to dustbins of metaphysical hogwash,
renaissance fantasy or half-baked New Age claptrap. Anyone who’s been paying
attention to an exciting range of recent discoveries and current reappraisals
of timeworn knowledge, a whole new paradigm of space, time, life, you, yourself
and I, has come into play at the dawn of this brave new millennium…

Constructing Reality

What we understand as ‘gravity’ is part of the same internal structuring of energies which causes a drop of water or a planet – a blob of energic ‘substance’ – to take on a spherical form. Internal radiating resonance creates its own event horizon that binds substance to shape – the surface(s) of a sphere are standing waves producing static yet fluid sheaths, bonding all levels of fields around its centre. Centre and surface are simultaneously boundary nodes which make the standing wave of the entire spherical structure possible…

Burning Issue: Human Nature Reborn

At last, people are waking up, minds born anew into a brave new world full of promise or terror – the choice is ours, for the future is written on water.

For this brief span of moments consider whether you’re a head of your time. Are you ready to bootstrap your humanity past some very well-known events impending on the horizon? We can still find a better way past painful transitions we all seek to avoid.

The choice for humanity this time round is a Third Millennium or a Third Reich, a thoughtful expansion of prosperity and health for all – or a shrinking biosphere dominated by a inbred gangs of insecure racist predatory eugenicists who tell us there’s there aren’t enough resources to keep everyone happy – or even alive. There’s plenty for all, of course, but the self-styled pillars of society hoard almost everything for themselves. In other words, business as usual.It’s high time for a millennial change in the affairs of humanity and change is here.

Holographic Multiverse

The three dimensional world is a hologramic projection created by innumerable overlapping fields producing a virtual image of and by their interactions. These fields are generated in a number of dimensions. If several dimensions coexist then all objects and beings in three-dimensional reality must also exist in several dimensions.

All dimensions familiar to our 3D life experiences are measurable on a scale beginning at a hypothetical centre, scaling outward from a central point of perspective – height, depth, length and (as discussed in Infinity & Beyond) time and gravity. All these dimensions and others combine at and from any given point of perspective to produce a series of overlapping allusions – the human view of `reality’…

Buyer Beware

We all know times are changing, that familiar things are slowly being cut out from under us and that the future isn’t what it used to be. A couple of generations ago our current dilemmas – living poised on the brink of climate catastrophe, our debilitating exposure to chemicals and pollution overload, near-complete destruction of our forests and fish, the inexorable disappearance of fresh, clean water and the extinction of a multitude of species, ongoing rises in cancer rates and other debilitating diseases caused by toxic lifestyles, among a host of other nightmares – were problems for the future to deal with.
Hippies and greenies warned everyone about these obvious looming hassles (and many more you may not have noticed yet) and actively explored alternative solutions; straight people kept supporting the domineering paradigm, working for the Beast so they could could go on living lifestyles that were actually global deathstyles. They knew they could go laughing to their graves and leave the mess for their grandchildren to suffer over or clean up.
No longer. Now we all know where we stand…

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